Dancing Boxes


This clever collection of boxes and balls can be used to play all sorts of games and build unusual towers. This set consists of 4 wooden boxes that fit within each other, 3 large red balls and 1 smaller green ball. The boxes have holes which allow the green ball through but not quite the red ones which allows you to use the red ones to build wobbly towers when placed in the holes. Children will learn to correct the way the tower of boxes is leaning by stacking the next box in the opposing direction. You can also make a marble run for the green ball to fall through. Lots of fun and plenty of possibilities, we love these open ended toys, fantastic for learning through play. 

Largest box measures 13cm square, balls have 4.5 and 5cm diameter. Made from lime wood and finished with non-toxic water based stain.  Recommended for 1+ years

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