About Grimm's

beautiful sustainable toys, since 1978

From dainty rattles to building blocks, dazzling puzzles and nursing necklaces, Grimm’s have something magical for the whole family. Made in Europe from sustainable wood and naturally stained with every colour of the rainbow.


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About Ostheimer

Handmade in Germany

Ostheimer toys have developed a legacy of quality and originality; with natural wood and non-toxic paint, they are a timeless playtime staple that can be passed down for generations.



Unique wooden bricks made in Japan


Mokulock is made of pure wood with many known benefits, being warm to the touch, with a comforting aroma, and a naturally beautiful color and texture. Each piece is carved out from a solid piece of wood.

toys as art and for openended play

our Raduga Grez toy collection

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Dutch design, German quality, endless fun

These roads can be combined with almost anything and are the perfect supplement for the endless games of our children.

our waytoplay colletion

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handmade in denmark

KOLEKTO wooden toys are designed and produced  in Copenhagen. They create toys with an ambition to combine stories, structures and sustainability.

our kolekto toy collection

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It started with our own search...

Our little family started in a big city, in a concrete jungle, in the centre of the digital world. It was our goal to give our kids as close to roots and nature as possible. And through building a collection of our own wooden toys, we wanted to share this with everyone who wants the same for their little ones. It is so easy to follow instructions and structured play, that kids do not get a chance to have imaginative play. Through the creations of these traditional unique toys which promote open ended play, every child gets to create their own world beyond the artificial world.