Raduga Grez

Rainbow Stacking Tower


Stacking tower has no rules, its parts are made to be put one on top of the other, rolled on the hand, strung on a string, traced with a pencil or used instead of doll plates. And the stacking tower may not be a stacking tower at all, but a prince's castle, a lighthouse, a birthday cake, a candle or a tree in a magical forest – let the game lead the way, let the imagination fly!

The toy is handmade in a small factory in Russia. We used safe, water-based paints to cover it. The traditional colours of the rainbow became a little more muted and calm – a shade of plum, sea water, blueberry with milk, cucumber pulp, melted butter, peach, and garden strawberry.

Material:  Solid wood water-based eco-friendly paint

Size: 17x12x12 cm

How to play: 

  • Roll the parts like wheels
  • Disassemble and assemble in different ways
  • Play a very hungry caterpillar that gradually "bites off" pieces from the stacking tower
  • Use the pieces as counting sticks, do simple math

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