Who are Dusyma?

Dusyma was founded in Stuttgart, Germany on the 25th of October, 1925 by Kurt Schiffler. Dusyma's earliest products were colourful symmetrical blocks. As they grew, they produced materials with pedagogical concepts and ideas for kindergartens and similar institutions. Over the years, they have developed and designed a wide range of toys which are inspiring, original with high educational value that encourage and stimulate children. Dusyma toys support the healthy and natural development of children and strengthen their individual skills. Their products also stimulate the imagination, help to discover and develop one's own creativity and sharpen all senses. They are designed in such a way that they offer meaningful and stimulating therapeutic support for people of all ages. All Dusyma products are produced in compliance with the European safety standards EN 71.

As a company, sustainable environmental and climate protection as well as resource efficiency are important corporate goals for Dusyma. This applies to the entire process: from nature-friendly raw material procurement through to ecological production techniques and recyclable packaging. The longevity of the products is especially important.

We hope you enjoy the collection we carefully selected for you from Dusyma!