Raduga Grez

Amanita Stacking Tower


Amanita is not a good thing to collect in a basket, but it can be endlessly stared at – these mushrooms look like guests from another planet. This distinctive and colourful mushroom inspired us to create the Amanita stacking tower.

The pyramid has a rare combination of natural unpainted wood and bright colour. It is not heavy, but it is stable, it is pleasant to touch, it smells of fresh wood shavings. At first, the child will be trying to put the pieces one on top another, and later will be able to make unusual structures out of them. You can look for the Amanita in the “woods” playing “cold-hot.” You can fantasise about what its shape looks like – a rocket, a house, a pencil? Or you can create a fairy tale where it will act as one of the characters.

And many years later the pyramid will remain as an element of decor in the room of a teenager and will be a reminder of childhood. 

Material:    Solid wood water-based eco-friendly paint

Size: 17x12x12 cm

How to play: 

  • Disassemble and assemble in different ways
  • Play that Amanita is a house for a magical creature. What is its name, what does it look like, and what does it eat?
  • Lay out the pieces on a plane and assemble a picture from them
  • Play a caterpillar that gradually "bites off" parts of the mushroom

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