Animal Habitat


A beautifully designed game on the subject of "Animals and their habitats". The wooden panels form 15 pairs with 15 animal images each and 15 associated images of the animal habitats. There are control points on the back of the illustrations to see if the pair has been correctly assigned. If the number and colour of the dots on the back match, you have found the right pair. In the game, memory is trained. Endurance and concentration as well as the joy of learning develop in a playful way. In addition, the description of the habitats and the corresponding animal puzzles expand the linguistic competence for 1-5 players. 

From 3 years. 

Content and material: 30 wooden tablets made of birch plywood (15 with animal images, 15 with habitats) a set of instructions packed in a cotton bag. 

Dimensions: wooden puzzle 8 x 5 cm

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