Raduga Grez

Big Triple Cubes Set Colourful


We've resized classic cubes and opened up new ways to play.

There are three sizes of cubes in the set: 4 cubes in the size of 9x9, 9 - 6x6 and 36 - 3x3 cm. We painted them in 38 shades.

Along with the size, the weight of the cubes has changed, and the tactile sensations from the games have also changed. A small cube easily fits in the palm of your hand and massages it, a medium-sized cube can be grasped with one hand, but no longer clasped with fingers, with a large cube, hands can only cope together. Useful practice for the development of fine motor skills and dexterity.

If you assemble a tower from all the cubes, then its height will be at least 1.2 meters. But it's worth putting the cubes in a box, and they won't take up much space. When disassembled, coloured cubes build a creative atmosphere in the room, and when assembled they look stylish and neat. Thanks to the box, the cubes will always be in order.

Material: Solid wood and eco-friendly water-based paint that preserves the grain of the wood.

Size: 18х18х18cm

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