Raduga Grez

Domes Instead of Cubes, 20 pcs


Domes are an important part of Slavic architecture. They can be of many different shapes and colours. It is a beauty that is present in our lives every day, making it a little more creative and joyful.

Domes can be a good addition to the classic cubes or an alternative to them, if you want something new. They are good for building palaces and towers, and they look unusual. This builder has only two types of parts – cylinders and towers, and there are a lot of games with them. 

You can combine colours in different ways, cover cylinders with "their" domes, or break the rules and take a dome of a different colour. You can build a forest gnome shelter, a fairy town, or a house where trolls gather for tea.

This toy is handmade from solid wood. Masters with a lot of experience make it by lathe method. This toy was painted by us and nature. We chose a paint that gives colour but leaves the pattern of the wood. So, each toy has a hue conceived by us and applied by nature.

How to play: 

  • Build a tower by placing the pieces one on top of another, and crown the top with a dome
  • Separate the parts by colour into "warm" and "cool" 
  • Learn to count with the parts 
  • Ask your child to build an arch, a bridge, a palace, a garage

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