Dusyma Connect Building Blocks


The original Dusyma plug-in building blocks made of beech wood are real classics in the history of building blocks. Over many decades, they have proven themselves in both kindergartens and schools and are therefore the basic material for generations of children for constructive and planning construction as well as for creative wooden architecture. The arrangement of opposing grooves and teeth of the same width and depth enables a wide variety of plug connections and thus versatile structures. In addition to the joy of creative construction, the imagination and strategic thinking are stimulated, spatial imagination and abstraction skills are developed and fine motor skills are promoted. 

From 3 years. 

Content / material:The packs contain 4 different building block shapes in different numbers, made of untreated solid beech wood, in a cotton bag. 

Dimensions: 42 x 24 mm, 6 mm thick. 500 pieces

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