Raduga Grez

Earth Rainbow Cubes Set


The simpler the toy, the more versatile the game: the cubes can be arranged in a maze, a train, a pen for a fairy dragon, the Tower of Pisa, a TV tower, doll furniture, a machine shop or pieces of toy pie. Cubes are cities and castles, forests and mountains, dams and bridges.  

These cubes are light and stable, made of natural linden and painted with safe paint without the use of lacquer.

When choosing colours, we were inspired by nature. The cubes are painted in colours of the first green and emerald leaves, wet sand and river water, melted butter and garden cherries.

How to play:

  • Build an amphitheater or a stadium to show a performance to the audience
  • Build the highest tower possible, then pretend to be a wind and blow it away
  • Build pins and play bowling
  • Build different figures: a circle, a triangle, a heart, a crown, a snowflake etc.
  • Imagine that the cubes are colour pixels, and draw with them
  • Build a house for a toy-animal 
  • Build a tower of all 20 cubes
  • Build together in turns by adding one cube at a time

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