Imperfect Castle Basic Assortment 24 pieces

$299SGD $499SGD

Our toys travel to us from far and wide, and sometimes get knocked and bumped on the way.

This set has a damaged box. The contents are still wrapped and the parts are fine. Due to this flaw it is therefore sold with a small price reduction.  The packaging does not affect the play value of the toys.

Reduced items cannot be exchanged or returned. Only the box is slightly damaged!

With this 24 piece castle assortment every child can create wonderful world and create medieval sceneries. The figures are for illustration only and are not included.

Ostheimer Toys & Accessories
As manufacturer of high quality toys and accessories, Ostheimer’s work is always focused on the children who will play with the products. Toys entirely made by hand in Germany using wood from sustainable sources of forestry. The surfaces of the wood are left raw without sealant paints or varnishes, using only watercolour and organic oils gives the children the possibility to experience the vitality of the wood with all their senses.

Made of wood from sustainable forests, these decorations are lovingly crafted and finished with organic oils and no harsh paints, so that they are robust, kinder to the environment and long-lasting.

Each toy is a unique lovingly hand-carved object, painted with gentle watercolours that accentuate the grain of the wood, giving every animal an individuality and personality that your child would love to play with.

Set the scene for your child’s imaginary world with these beautifully carved and coloured pieces.

All materials used in our toys are certified. They guarantee not only toys of the highest quality but also safety for your child at play.

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