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The journey is the goal - how does the character get to the other side as quickly as possible? With each move, the player decides: is it better to continue on the path or rather to keep walking? It gets exciting when the players' paths cross. The question arises again and again as to which decision leads to the goal. A planning procedure is required to a great extent, spatial thinking is intensively promoted, as the paths run up and down and sometimes also underneath. A strategy game for 2 - 4 players. 

From 6 years. 

Contents and material: 72 game pieces (18 pieces each in one colour), 8 game pieces (2 each in one colour), 2 dice, game board, made of wood, in a wooden box with sliding lid, instructions. 

Dimensions: Game board 22 x 22 cm, game figure Ø 2 cm, 6 cm high, cube edge length 2.5 cm, wooden box 23 x 23 cm, 10.5 cm high.

Game creator: Nick Emmenegger

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