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How to play: Tactori is an exciting strategy game for young and old. The lovingly designed towers invite even the little ones to stack. Who can build the tallest tower? With a game board that can be used on both sides, Tactori offers a variety of play options for 1-4 players that build on each other. Blocks and bridges of the same colour should be set up on the board so that bridges and squares can be built. This even goes up and over several floors. But watch out: the other players want to lay as many bridges and squares as possible. Thinking and a tactical approach are required. Tactori offers a lot of fun for children of different ages and adults. By stacking them on top of each other, the fine motor skills, in the tactical game, strategic processes, planning procedures and targeted construction promoted. Cognitive processes and ideas as well as visual perception are expanded. The different coloured stones can also be used to explain mathematical processes such as addition and subtraction.

From 4 years. 

Content / Material: 1 board made of birch plywood with front and back (25 fields and 81 fields), 64 towers and 60 bars in four different colours (red, blue, yellow, green) made of beech wood. 

Dimensions: game board 41 x 41 cm, stone 3 cm high, Ø 3 cm, bridge 8.5 cm long.

Age restriction:Danger! Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Small parts, risk of suffocation.

Game creator: Oliver Braun

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