Raduga Grez

The Blue Over Multicoloured Building Blocks


With these Building Blocks, anyone can become an abstract artist, assemble Kandinsky's "Blue over Multicoloured”, or play with colours and shapes to create their own masterpiece.

The Building Blocks were created in collaboration with the Pushkin Museum, where the works of Kandinsky are presented. Playing it will make art simpler, clearer and more accessible for children, it will teach you to notice the beautiful, it will become an occasion to talk about artists, paintings and museums.
When details are assembled, they form a picture, and if they are disassembled, you get large building blocks: it contains details of different shapes and sizes in shades selected by Kandinsky himself.

Material: Solid wood and eco-friendly water-based paint that preserves the grain of the wood.

Size: 24×45×6 cm

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