Beck - Wooden toys since 1946

Christof Beck started his company in 1946.

After the end of the Second World War, he was no longer able to work as a master mechanic because there were no jobs for this profession.

In order to support his family, he made simple wooden toys. He already practiced this hobby while he was a prisoner of war.

The toys were delivered to kindergartens and homes. Some items are no longer available in the current range, as they were sometimes very labor-intensive to produce and can no longer be sold today (e.g. small sewing boxes, folding armchairs).

In the following years he improved existing toys, for example a scale with glockenspiel was installed on ball tracks, and a box to store the plug was attached to puzzles.

Over the years he developed many new items (e.g. dolls' houses, shops, agricultural vehicles, Klettermax, multi-storey car parks, traffic signs, car wash).

One of its characteristics is accuracy. The toy must be made carefully and stably.

Since 1966, 80 articles have been awarded the "spiel gut" award by the Children's Play + Toys Working Committee.

A highlight in 1983 was the "Form" award for the special show at the international autumn fair in Frankfurt.

Further awards followed in 1984 and 1987. One of the greatest successes was the invention of the running track with millipedes and cars, as well as the cascade tower.

The wooden toys are shown at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg and at the International Spring and Autumn Fairs in Frankfurt and are delivered all over the world.