What are toy safety standards? Are my toys non-toxic?

Toys are an important and fun part of every child's development. They are meant to be entertaining and educational, yet there are some of them containing hidden hazards for children and they have been related to too many injuries.

According to the Singapore Consumer Product Safety Office (CPSO), products which are marketed as toys for children under 14 years old need to comply with relevant international safety standards for toys (i.e. ISO 8124-1, EN 71 and ASTM F963)

We at KEKA Toys take care in selecting our products. The safety and quality of the toys we bring in are important to us. The brands we work with are all compliant to European EN and CE standards. The toy manufacturers ensure they test their products to pass all safety criteria before they are available to consumers.

It is overwhelming with the choices of products on the market these days. So it is important when you choose toys for your family, that the products have been tested because not all toys are, even though they look the same.

There are a number of replica products available where the prices are lower and the appearance of the toys are the same, but it is important to note that these replicas often do not test, therefore there is no guarantee that they are safe and non toxic.

For more information about the safety and testing standards, check out the website of one of the global leading testing company's website:


Also check out Singapore's consumer safety website to find out more about choosing and using safe children’s toys: