Our tour at Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design in Hochdorf 🌈

Whilst Grimm's needs no introduction, the experience of being able to see their factory for myself is one I must share! We were most privileged to be given a private tour of the Grimm's factory in Hochdorf in December 2021. 

We were warmly welcomed by Marco and Elke who guided us through the premises. It was like going to a candy store! What I loved the most was the smell of the wood and linseed oil! It was very exciting to see all the colours of the rainbow in the colouring room, and to see the teamwork makes dreamwork in action! 

Grimm's manufacturing process takes several steps, they have a big team and each of them specialises in a specific step.

Peg friends Grimm’s drying

Our first stop was seeing the colouring and oiling room. This was my favourite! Seeing the colour drums filled with their signature shades we all love and admire. Elke (Mrs Grimm's!) gave me the brilliant idea to take a photo of their colouring room floor to contrast with my white sneakers!

Grimm’s factory

The next room was where the fine details were applied. All the decorative figures were being hand painted and drawn, the peg friends were being 'dressed' and the other blocks had their finishing touches drawn. The team also displayed their personalised work of the peg friends.

For any toy maker, safety of their toys is the most important. Grimm's does not only do external testing in compliance to meet EN71 standards, but they also do their own in house testing to ensure nothing is missed.

It's one thing to see their photos and videos, and playing with their toys, but to see it all in person has give even more appreciation to the craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every toy.

Grimm's also shared with us their values and goals that they are working on by minimising the use of plastic, which we have seen their packaging for various toys have been upgraded and not being shrink wrapped anymore.

Small stepped pyramid Grimm’s

In addition to that, we work with many of our suppliers directly, and over the years it has only been correspondence via email. So it was really nice to meet everyone in person and finally put a face to the names. I even got to meet Simba!

Thank you to everyone at Grimm’s for welcoming us, and thank you Elke for sharing your mother’s handmade Swabian Weihnachtsplätzchen!

So next time you pick up your favourite piece of Grimm's toy, remember that you hold a toy that is unique, there are no two the same, and it was hand made with love!